Wednesday 31 December 2014

150 Years in Australia

The year 2014 nearly passed without anyone noticing that it is a Corbin anniversary. As we discovered not long ago, James Bentley Corbin landed in Sydney on the ship Aerolite in 1864 - that makes 2014 the 150th anniversary of his arrival and therefore of the arrival of the Corbin family in Australia. (The other Corbin patriarch, James' cousin Thomas Wilson Corbin who settled in South Australia, is thought to have landed in Adelaide in 1865, the year after James' arrival in Sydney.)

To mark the anniversary year, I have just registered James for the Welcome Wall at the Australian National Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour. The wall records the names of people who have migrated to Australia at any time in our history. James' name will go up on the wall sometime in the new year, I'll post an update here when it happens. There will also be an entry on the Welcome Wall website where James' story can be briefly told.